We are a dedicated professional consulting practice providing full digital services in design, architecture, planning, and building science. The firm was founded and incorporated in August 1996, dedicated to design excellence uncompromised by innovative building systems and technology delivered on time and on budget. Beyond the theoretical aspects of our design process we also focus on the more pragmatic issues which deal with the business and economics of building. DCA currently practices in the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba and New Brunswick.

Our design attitudes draw from the richness and vitality of Toronto. We understand its diverse cultural context and direction of its varied expressions. This regional understanding is tempered by years of global experiences, studies and relationships. We recognize that the inherent complexity of architecture demands the collaboration of experts who possess common goals and objectives. This mandate is achieved through strategic alliances tailored to individual project. Our long-term local and international network of expert consultants insures effective solutions. This inclusive attitude is also evident in our relationships in the building industry from manufacturers to craftsmen.

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